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September 2017 Meet

Saturday 16th September, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Sports and Social Club

What on Earth is Oggcamp (why there was no meeting last month!)

Paul Tansom

Paul Tansom was not around last month to organise the PLUG meet in Lisi's absence due to a commitment to crew at this years Oggcamp. It seems an opportune time to explain what Oggcamp is, how it is organised and what makes it worth missing a PLUG meet for.

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Preview

Paul Tansom

As an added element to this months meeting, and following the popularity of an equivalent talk by Martin Wimpress at Oggcamp this year, Paul will be demonstrating some of the key changes in the next release of Ubuntu MATE due in October. With the work being done on the panel arrangements in particular, Ubuntu MATE is shaping up to be a good place for refugees from Unity, as well as Windows and Mac.

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